Texas Single-Member LLC Startup Package

Our goal is your goal

We love startups and small businesses. Our goal with this package is to get you started off on the right foot at a low-fixed cost and to establish a working relationship where you feel comfortable coming back to us for other legal issues.

What is included in the Single-Member LLC Package

  • Single-Member LLC Company Agreement
    • Customized agreement tailored to fit your business needs.
  • Texas LLC Name Search
    • This is done to make sure your name for your LLC is not already in use.
  • Filing Certificate of Formation with the Texas Secretary of State
    • To create the entity.
  • EIN Registration
    • For IRS tax purposes.
  • Tax Election
    • A business may elect to change the way the business is taxed on the Federal Level.
  • 1 Hour of Consultation and Legal Advising

What is Not included in the Single-Member LLC package

  • Registered Agent Services
  • Permits
  • Licenses
  • Tax Advice
  • DBAs and Assumed Name Certificates

Cost and Payment plan

For the Single-Member LLC Startup Package, the cost is $300 plus the filing fees. The fee due to the Texas Secretary of State is $300. Therefore, the total price to you is $600 to create your Texas Single-Member LLC.

Payment plans are available. If you opt for the payment plan, the filing fee is due at the start. First payment would be $400, then followed by two monthly payments of $100.

What to Expect

One of the goals at this firm is for all clients to know what to expect before making an agreement to work with us. Here is what you can expect the process will look like from start to finish.

  1. The first step to contact us using the simple form below. You’ll provide your name, contact information, and a basic description of the service you are seeking.
  2. We will give you a quick call to verify the information and ask a few questions to make sure the service you’re seeking is right for your situation. This communication is not included included in the 1-hour advising and consulting included in the Single-Member LLC Package.
  3. Afterwords, we will forward you a link to our electronic Client Intake Form which will be filled out on your computer. This Client Intake Form will be request specific information for your Single-Member LLC. It is designed to be efficient for both client and attorney, as well as a way to indicate areas we need to specifically address with you.
  4. Once the intake form is completed, a Fee Agreement and Engagement Letter will be sent to you electronically for you to review. If you agree, you can sign the document electronically.
  5. Once the documents have been signed, a payment request will be sent for the amount of the service requested. If a payment plan was agreed upon, a request for the first installment will be sent.
  6. After payment is received, we will begin working on your documents and schedule a call to address certain important areas where your input may be needed, as well as answering any questions you may have.
  7. Once the documents are prepared, we will file paperwork with the Texas Secretary of State and complete other tasks.
  8. Once we receive notice of entity creation from the Texas Secretary of State, we will notify you. We’ll have a few more tasks to take depending on what is required.
  9. Once we have completed all our tasks, you will receive copies of all documents. This will be approximately 7-10 business days from the time of payment, but in some cases will be shorter. We will schedule another phone call if desired to provide an explanation of each document, answer any questions which may have arisen since our previous call, and provide guidance on the next steps for you to take.
  10. Once all steps have been taken, all issues resolved, all questions answered, and you indicate you are satisfied with the services we have provided, we will send what is called a “Closing Letter”. This letter is to signify we have completed our duties for the Single-Member LLC Startup Package, and our Attorney-Client relationship has ended for this specific matter only. We want to make it clear, this letter does not mean we leaving you to the wolves. We want your business to succeed, and we will always be there for your business when you need us.

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